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Hi, I'm Kimi, 19, I love making new friends... so talk to me? I'll always be here for you (:

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Tea. Ellie Goulding. Books. Meadows. Romance. }

Calm the fuck down brendon


is he okay

i have never seen more pain in a humans eyes

So this guy was drivin down the highway, and he gets pulled over. 
The cop says ‘why you in such a hurry?’
‘Im late for work.’ He says.
‘Where do you work?’ The cop asks.
‘I stretch ass holes.’
The cop just stares at him all confused.
‘Well you stick your finger in there and twirl it around, then two, three, the whole hand, pretty soon you have it about six feet wide!’
‘Well then what do you do it with after?’
‘We give him a radar gun and stick him under a bridge!’

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what the fuck


Love Disney? This blog is full of Disney Gifs!!


tripped and fell in my heelys jesus take the wheelys

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if you believe that your work as a white anti-racist is to simply prove how unlike other white racists you are, you are totally wrong and need to re-evaluate some things

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